What will the remainder of 2012 have in store for B2B marketing?

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People of different age and era tried a number of means and methods to forecast their future life like relying on soothsayers and astrologers. These things helped them in preparing with tangible strategy for their coming future. For instance, farmers used the method of Almanac which helped them to decide whether the snow blower or winter coat turns out a good investment for their future.What will the remainder of 2012 have in store for B2B marketing

Gaining some information about your tomorrow would always give you a strategic benefit. Luckily, today, you have better ways of knowing your coming future through things like hard data. The trends and statistics which you find out from these things cannot be called as an accurate. Yet these things would help you in a significant way in devising a competent strategy for your coming future. With these benefits in your mind, you can find the below trends or remainder relevant for the B2B marketers of 2012.

Content to be more critical than before

As you can see more number of content appearing online which is helping the B2B buyers in building internal business cases and rationalizing their buying decisions, the demand for relevant kinds of content is going to certainly increase. Also, with an increase in the order size, the demand of creating high quality content for the marketers would certainly rise.

So where do these marketers head for content? As per one study conducted by GlobalSpec, 85 percent of engineers search things like product specifications, equipment supplies and services, components etc. over the internet. The study further reveals that 81 percent of technical experts come online to carry out research, whereas 78 percent hunt on the web for instructional manuals and 77 percent of people look for costing things.

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That doesn’t mean you delete the old content and create new. However, what you need to do with the current content is to creatively reshape and present it before people in the way they want. All you need to take care is to cater content which can help the buyers to take decisions.

Marketers will require added benefits of technology

As you find email marketing becoming more effective and modern, hence consistently looking for new methods to create better results from the marketing endeavors becomes more significant.

The technology has to play a key role in this regard. A smart B2B marketing guy would therefore invest more time and money in developing and getting automated software meant for marketing which would support the segment audiences in a more precise way.

This will therefore help the marketers to convey the right message at the most appropriate time to right people in the demand cycle.

Marketers need more focus on social media platforms

As you can see social media getting popular since past few years, the B2B and other marketers need to focus more on features and tools found over these places which help them in growing their businesses. You need to understand how your consumers and prospects are using these platforms and their behavior patterns found over these places.

By doing this, you as a marketer would be able to calculate the amount of time you need to invest over these places to promote business. The use of social media is less in the technical, engineering and industrial sectors; however, this may not be the case with other industries and businesses.

You as a marketer need to find out the channels which give you the best result and then putting your efforts which matches to these channels of your prospects. You need to understand the potentials of social media for your marketing. In fact, these platforms are great places to build relationship and network with people along with engaging your customers and prospective clients.

But remember, this is just one tool of marketing; you need to explore other B2B marketing methods as well.

Carry on moving your budgets to online activities

You will find engineers and technical professionals in the industrial domain using online channels for various things like searching information on products, services and vendors or suppliers. They look for a number of information from popular search engines, online catalogs, vendors’ websites, e-newsletters, industry related sites and tools.

According to the Global Spec’s research, you will find 98 percent of industrial professionals visit technical and work related websites twice or thrice every week while 63 percent visit more than six times and more in a week. As you can see more number of clients and consumers relying on the online platforms, you as a B2B marketer need to carry out things more in an aggressive fashion where you find your prospects in large population. This means, you need to invest more of your time and money over these places where you see your prospects the most.

You hardly know where and how 2012 is going move and end. There are couples of external factors like global politics and economy which are going to conspire and hamper things. Indeed the life of human being is unpredictable unlike the weather. Hence you as a smart B2B marketer need to prepare yourself the best on the trends discussed above in the article to yield success in business despite living with number of uncertainties.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy dresses. Recently an article on New Android Apps attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on dyson air multiplier.

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