The top 6 things in Brussels

Brussels: the city that grew from a small rural village to one of the most important city-regions in all of Europe. Although the city is known for hosting some of the most important meetings of diplomats in the international community, Belgium’s capital attracts scores of visitors from around the world. Brussels culture is a fascinating combination of Dutch and French influence, making the culture, food and buildings unlike any other. When we traveling to a new place, its easy to get very excited about diving into the unknown, but we still expect the comforts of home.

The lodgings in Brussels certainly keep this in mind and make sure to offer comfortable bedding, updated fixtures and reliable customer service along with concierge service to help guide you through your visit, should you need assistance. Brussels has a wide array of hotels tourists can choose from, the most notable of which is probably Novotel. Novotel seamlessly blends vintage motif and modern comfort into a centrally located, amazing destination for travelers, not to mention the delicious local fare offered to each of their guests. Speaking of amazing food, Brussels is known above all else for their incredible desserts. We all know that Belgium is world famous for their delicious dark chocolate and thick, fluffy waffles.

However, some of the most iconic desserts come in the form of unique offering like dame blanche; a pure vanilla ice cream topped with decadent Belgian chocolate with cookies. Be sure to ask your hotel’s customer service representative about where to grab some! When you try to envision Brussels, most people immediately associate it with the unmistakable Grand Place, which is a bustling marketplace surrounded by tall 14th century buildings. It’s an incredible way to combine a unique modern shopping experience with local history and architecture.  While shopping in the market, it’s good to keep in mind that Brussels is known for hand-made lace, craft beer, vintage jewelry and, of course, chocolate bars! Souvenirs are an important part of any vacation, so be sure to pick up something for yourself and a loved one! In fact, many hotels offer professional packing and shipping services to safely transport your new treasures back home. Belgium is an incredible region filled with a rich history, fantastic food and amazing hotel accommodations and Brussels perfectly exemplifies all of that!