Simple but effective:GG.GG URL Shortener service

Do you use Twitter? if yes then you might know that how hard it is to share webpages within 140 character limit. To eliminate that URL Shortener service were introduced. Twitter uses it’s own and Google uses to shorten it’s internal urls.

But what if you want to shorten and share urls? here is a service to short urls as well as hide them from public view (they can only see the original one after visiting that page)

You can use to short your urls. Here is a demo screenshot.

GG.GG URL Shortener is shortened by using this service.

How to use GG.GG URL Shortener

  1. Go to URL Shortener homepage
  2. paste/type the url to be shortened
  3. if you want custom path then check the box right after the url field and put your custom path
  4. click on shorten url
  5. You are done, now copy shortened url and share ti with your friends and family

Advantages of GG.GG URL Shortener

There are several advantage of over other services

  • It’s servers are fast to redirect to original url
  • No ads
  • You can choose your own shortened url path (in my case I used /mbt)
  • it’s free

Disadvantages of GG.GG URL Shortener

  • There are only one disadvantage so far I have pointed out and that is lack of tracking. ( and provide tracking of shortened tiny urls