How to track AdSense Cheque in India

Track your Google AdSense Cheque (or Check).

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online. And it’s also easy to make money with AdSense as Google AdSense allows you to concentrate you on your content instead of hunting for advertisers. Google AdSense has a threshold of $100.Now a Check from AdSense is issued and shipped for your home.How to track AdSense Cheque in India

Want to track the movement of your AdSense check?

Then follow these simple steps to track your Google AdSense check.

  • Log into your Google AdSense account.
  • Then go to the payment history section by clicking on My Account -> Payment History.
  • Now click on this month’s payment issued link.

Now you will get the details of the Google AdSense cheque you are being issued.

  • Now copy the Payment number without the initial zero, for example if you have payment number as 071542478 copy only the 71542478 part.
  • Go to the Bluedart website.
  • Enter your payment number in the Tracking service checker and select Ref. No from the radio button.
  • So, you got your details now enjoy. I got the delivery way before the Expected date of delivery.

For any queries regarding any kinds of tracking problem, just leave a comment and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.