How to hit a backspin

Usually, when a player hits a stroke, then the golf ball moves forward after hitting the ground, but if the ball comes backward after hitting with the ground, it is called a backspin. Backspin is a great shot when you need to make a pin attack, and the flag is near the front edge of the green behind a bunker trap. In this situation, you need to hit a backspin where your ball lands a few yards after the holes and then returns toward it after hitting the surface of the green. when hitting a backspin shot you need a good grip and a camo glove to match it. 

Four factors are involved in hitting an excellent backspin shot

Clubface: It’s relatively difficult to hit a backspin with the irons having flat faces. Like it is easy to hit a backspin with 9 iron as compared to 3 iron. The reason is the flat face of the lower number irons and Loft of the higher ones.

Club speed: Club speed means how the clubhead goes the moment it hits the ball, the higher the club speed, the higher the turn rate in the ball. It is practically difficult to hit a backspin while hitting a little chip, and the reason is clubhead speed, Yet, on 70 yards to 100 yards wedge shot, the clubhead speed is higher, which is required for an accurate spin shot.

Impact of the club head with the ball: The area near the top edge of the clubhead should hit the lower hemisphere of the ball. 

Ball lie and position: It is really difficult to play the backspin from a surface where there is less grass, ball placed a little high on the lie is what required to an effective backspin shot.

After these four factors, we have two sub-factors which are: Spin Loft and Dynamic Spin.

The spin loft is an angle between attack point and dynamic Loft, a 3D angle between the direction where the clubhead is moving and the direction where the clubface pointed.

Dynamic Loft is a vertical angle between ball and club at the time of impact.


  • Drill to hit a backspin.
  • Make sure to wear a golf glove for extra grip
  • Place the ball at a good lie
  • Place the wedge under the ball
  • Take a backswing and deliberately try to pass your clubhead under the ball
  • In this regard, you can try an out to in swing initially.
  • Make sure the top edge of the clubface is connected with the lower hemisphere of the ball
  • Your swing speed should be more than a normal shot.
  • Start it from the lob wedge or sand wedge and then decrease the number of iron one after one.