Gain Backlink using CommentLuv

Did you know that you can use CommentLuv to increase your back links to your site/blog naturally? Actually I did not know about this before only until I check my blog statistics and I noticed a pattern on how my new commentators found my blog. I also tried what they did and found it surprisingly effective!Gain Backlink using CommentLuv

Before I tell you the trick, let me first Introduce you to the CommentLuv Plug-in. CommentLuv is a wordpress plug-in that aims to give an incentive to your readers to comment on your blog because if they comment on your blog, CommentLuv will automatically get the last post from their blog and add it to their comment. It’s like, if you comment here, you get a back link. (The link is do-follow)

Here is the trick…

What people do is to find blogs that have comment luv enabled. It is easy because by default, when commentluv is enabled, it add this text to your comment area, “Enable CommentLuv which will try and get your last blog post, please be patient while it finds it for you“. So what you have to do is to find blogs that have these text and write comments on them so that you can get your back link.

For example, you want back links to your blog about technology blogging, you simply write this query on Google Search, “Enable CommentLuv” pinoy blogging. The pattern is “Enable CommentLuv” keywords. Then you will get results of blogs that have something to do with technology blogging and have commentluv enabled. You can start writing comments for them and in the long run, you would have gained some links back to your blog.

However, this can also be abused by other people. They would use this trick and spam blogs with useless comments just to gain backlinks. So if you noticed you gained some comments and found some keywords in their comments, don’t hesitate to delete them. Show them that you only accept comments that have some real content in them and not for the purpose of gaining back links.

Over to you, Now readers let us know

  • Does comment luv helped you to gain backlink?
  • Is it increasing spam comments too?
  • Is it increasing spam trackback/pingback?

leave a comment and let us know what do you think about the performance of  comment luv?