Comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets

Mobile gaming has become huge in the last few years thanks to Android and Apple creating app stores where people can download high quality versions of their favorite games plus much more. More people are gaming than ever before, even people who have never had a games console in their life and that is because gaming is so accessible and mobile now.

Top gaming companies also started to make dedicated versions of their games for smart phones and tablets in recognition of the popularity of gaming on these devices. It’s difficult to compare gaming between smart phones and tablets in the sense that when it comes to the technical specs, a lot of phones have just as much processing power as tablets and in some cases are even better when it comes to graphics and speed.

smartphone and tablets

The obvious advantage of gaming on your tablet is the size of the screen, it feels so much less cramped and the visuals are more stunning making the gaming experience more realistic. The advantage of a smart phone is also the size. Portability is a big reason that so many people game nowadays, because you can easily do it while you are sitting in a waiting room or just about anywhere without carrying anything other than what you were already carrying. Online Betting is massively popular, and there has been a big surge in popularity of people betting on their smart phones which can be seen in the large increase of downloads of apps like . For the poker lovers, you can also have multiplayer tournaments on your phone with ease, you don’t have to be at a desktop. If you want to feel even more like you are sitting at a table and appreciate the great graphics when the cards are shuffled, then tablet poker is the way to go. A tablet can offer better sounds as well which makes the experience feel more real.